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Pivot Energy Announces New York Expansion, Now Offering Comprehensive Community and Commercial Solar Services Statewide

April 21 2021

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Pivot Energy Announces New York Expansion, Now Offering Comprehensive Community and Commercial Solar Services Statewide

National leading solar company planning to develop nearly 100-megawatts of new solar energy across the Empire State.

By: Pivot Energy

April 21 2021

How Solar Can Increase Your Self Storage Facility’s Market Value

For companies in the self storage industry, your facility itself is probably one of your most significant assets. Unlike other industries that are considering going partly or wholly remote after the pandemic, the self storage industry will always need a large physical space to run its business. Therefore, it makes sense to continuously invest in…

By: Pivot Energy

April 13 2021

Pivot Energy Featured in Bloomberg Video Series: The Spark

Pivot Energy is featured in Bloomberg’s The Spark video series alongside WeSolar Inc. and Bithenergy to discuss community solar. Community solar allows residents, businesses, and non-profits to take advantage of solar without any upfront costs or equipment needed. This subscription-based structure tears down barriers for low-income households and underrepresented communities to access the cost-saving benefits of solar while supporting…

By: Pivot Energy

March 25 2021

Using Solar to Market to New and Existing Customers

Studies have shown that a growing number of customers value the importance of sustainability when making purchasing decisions. According to a Nielsen survey, almost half of U.S shoppers are willing to alter their consumption habits to help the environment. This trend is significant for self-storage companies across the United States. In particular, 75 percent of…

By: Pivot Energy

March 19 2021

How Solar Creates Financial Resiliency For Facility Management Budgets

Companies can experience many financial downturns and unanticipated costs. Decreasing demand from tenants, rising competition, and uncertainty in input costs can lead to much variability in the business. This is especially an issue now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as there is a lot of uncertainty around when people will return to offices, and the…

By: Pivot Energy

March 17 2021

Choosing The Best Solar Financing Option For Your Facility

If you are a facility manager that is thinking of installing solar on the property you manage, you might be wondering how to pay for it. How much are the costs? Are there financing options? What are the other opportunities available out there? The cost of installing a 350 kilowatt (kW) solar system can cost…

By: Pivot Energy

March 16 2021

Pivot Energy Partners with Weld RE-5J School District to Bring Community Solar and Advanced Energy Education to Northern Colorado

Pivot Energy, Colorado’s leading community solar developer, has announced a partnership with Weld County RE-5J to supply the school district with a 1.4-megawatt community solar subscription and $30,000 to offer post-secondary educational scholarships for Weld and Larimer county students. The scholarships will be available to students interested in pursuing advanced education within select STEM fields,…

By: Pivot Energy

February 23 2021

Business for Good: Pivot Energy’s 2020 Impact Report

We are excited to release Pivot Energy’s 2019 Impact Report. As a Certified B Corporation, we operate on a triple bottom line basis, meaning our activities are oriented towards having a positive impact on people, planet, and profit.

By: Pivot Energy

January 29 2021

Pivot Energy Completes 34-Megawatt Community Solar Portfolio Through Illinois Adjustable Block Program

Today, national solar developer Pivot Energy announced the completion of 12 new community solar gardens located across Illinois, totaling 34-megawatts of emission-free, clean, and local electricity. Pivot Energy was awarded the portfolio in 2019 as part of the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. Nine of the solar gardens are currently operational and producing clean energy for ComEd and…

By: Pivot Energy

January 27 2021

Gain a New Revenue Stream with Solar in 2021

Unlock A New Revenue Stream Savvy business owners know how to generate additional revenue from their commercial assets. Some examples include leasing the roof space for billboards or cellular antennas, providing additional paid services to tenants or renting unused space, and providing premium parking spaces.  Now there is another option available to commercial property owners…

By: Pivot Energy

January 21 2021

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