Creating a positive impact on society as measured by ESG factors.



Our Business Model

Pivot is a Certified B Corporation with a vision to fight against climate change by leading the transition to an equitable clean energy economy. Our projects help decarbonize our nation’s electricity, increase equitable access to clean energy for local communities, and provide real cost savings to American businesses and families. We follow a robust ESG framework to ensure we maximize our environmental stewardship practices, drive positive social impact in the communities where we operate, and have responsible governance practices. With employee-led ESG committees and company-level goals, we commit to doing more than just providing clean energy and accelerating the transition to a more decentralized and cleaner approach to power generation. We believe it is our responsibility to:

Have a positive environmental impact beyond our services by operating our company as sustainably as possible, including a deep commitment to land stewardship and restoring soil health.

Reduce energy inequity and increase pathways into the solar industry in every community we operate in.

Operate our company in a way that respects its employees and provides a healthy and inclusive workplace, extensive benefits, and a fulfilling work experience for all.

Our Approach

Purpose-Driven Solar

Pivot aims to be a leader in socially impactful and responsible solar development, ensuring our projects deliver meaningful benefits to the communities we operate in. With all of our projects, we drive positive impact through three pillars:


Pivot develops projects with high emissionality that replace dirty energy resources on the grid. We track hourly emission data for our projects using third-party tools and are a signatory of the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact.


Pivot employs low-impact construction techniques alongside sustainable land stewardship practices to create mutually beneficial projects for the land site, local ecosystem, and community. Pivot defaults to sheep grazing and planting native grass on our sites and works with landowners when possible to add other dual-use features, such as honey or crop production.


Pivot has a dedicated community engagement team that conducts outreach, creates partnerships with local non-profits, and gathers community feedback. We aim to develop projects that provide significant energy bill savings for community members, especially those needing energy assistance. Additionally, we invest in every community that we operate in.

Social Impact

Community Partnerships and Investment

Pivot has donated and pledged over one million dollars to community-based organizations across the country. We focus our investments on two social impact pillars: reducing energy burden for income-limited households and creating workforce pathways for local residents into the solar industry.

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2023 ESG Report

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Certified B Corporation

As a B Corp, we are required to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. As a leading national solar developer, our work inherently benefits the environment.

However, for Pivot, generating solar-powered clean electricity alone is not enough. We incorporate ESG into our yearly company-wide objectives and key results (OKRs), tracking our success in justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (JEDI), land stewardship, energy equity, impact products, and more. 

Certified B Corporation

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