Using Solar to Market to New and Existing Customers

Using Solar to Market to New and Existing Customers

Studies have shown that a growing number of customers value the importance of sustainability when making purchasing decisions. According to a Nielsen survey, almost half of U.S shoppers are willing to alter their consumption habits to help the environment. This trend is significant for self-storage companies across the United States. In particular, 75 percent of millennials—customers between the ages 25-40 and a substantial portion of the self-storage market—are willing to pay a premium for a sustainable brand.

Simultaneously, the self-storage industry is facing fierce competition and the potential for changes in a post-pandemic world.

As of January 2021, there were a whopping 49,233 self-storage facilities across the United States. Large cities like Miami, New York, Austin, and even mid-sized cities like Oklahoma City, have self-storage markets that are nearly tapped out. While there was a large influx of customers due to pandemic-related residential evictions, hasty relocations, and job losses, many existing customers may no longer need storage services soon as the pandemic nears its end.

One solution that self-storage facilities can consider to help attract and retain customers in a fiercely competitive market is using solar and battery storage. Now more than ever, self-storage companies need to be innovative in their marketing strategy, and solar technology can play a key role. There are also a few easy things you can do to market your facility’s sustainability impact to reap benefits over the long term.


Attract and retain customers with solar

Installing solar technology on your already empty rooftop can work as an innovative marketing strategy. By going solar today, you can stay on trend by creating a sustainable brand and meeting the growing demand for businesses that value the environment. Your self-storage facility can also stand out and differentiate itself by marketing how solar adds reliability against power outages.

Being known as a dependable company, a positive addition to the community, and someone who understands the importance of sustainability is a recipe for success to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones.


Differentiate as a climate-resilient facility

Many customers value the protection that a self-storage facility can offer their belongings. That is why many choose the reliability that climate-controlled storage spaces provide to regulate temperature and humidity. However, rising extreme weather conditions, such as Texas snowstorms and California wildfires, have made power outages a common threat across the United States.

Solar, combined with battery storage, can be an excellent way for self-storage facilities to ensure that they have electricity in case there is a power outage and the grid is down. Solar energy batteries work by storing energy produced by your solar arrays or imported from the grid for later use.

To attract new customers, you can advertise that your facility is climate-resilient and well protected against the threats of climate change. Ensuring that your storage facility has a reliable electricity backup, you are also avoiding any negative customer experience and threats to future revenue. According to a study by researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the benefits of installing a solar plus battery storage system outweigh the immense cost businesses face with power outages.


Showcase your sustainability decisions

It is important to make customers feel connected to your brand to retain them over the long haul. The following are some great ways to stand out and make customers feel as if they are contributing to a business that supports the environment:

  • Add clear signage around your facility indicating that it is solar-powered
  • Communicate how each customer’s carbon footprint has decreased by choosing a solar-powered facility
  • Ensure that email promotions include solar energy as a differentiator
  • Highlight key sustainability metrics on your website and annual report (i.e., cumulative CO2 emissions avoided due to installed solar energy systems, renewable energy consumption/production)

If you do this, you would be joining a growing list of companies investing in solar technology for their facilities, not only to save money but also to reap the marketing benefits it adds. The leading installers of on-site solar in the U.S are some of the country’s most well-respected companies, such as Google, Verizon, and General Motors. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to communicate your company’s commitment to the planet and sustainable development.


Contact the self-storage solar experts

Pivot Energy has a wealth of experience working with self-storage companies that want to go solar. Over the last three years, Pivot has partnered with Extra Space Storage to install a portfolio of 90 solar energy systems across eight states, including Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, and Florida.

To learn more about how your self-storage facility can also benefit from solar, reach out to a member of our team for a free consultation today.