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LMI carve-outs aren’t really making community solar more equitable

October 4 2019

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LMI carve-outs aren’t really making community solar more equitable

Author: Kacie Peters Director, Business Development   Community solar is often idealized as the magic bullet for many of the issues associated with traditional solar – offering scale to reduce cost, delivering access to clean energy for 51% of the population that rents or lives in homes unsuitable for onsite solar installations, and providing increased…

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October 4 2019

Benefits of Community Solar

Renters, homeowners, municipalities, businesses, and schools are supporting renewable energy, reducing emissions, and accelerating the transition to solar

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October 3 2019

5 Reasons a Landowner Should Lease Land to a Solar Farm

If you live in VA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, MI, IL, OH, CO, TX, NM, or CA, here's how you can benefit from leasing your land for community solar farm development.

By: Pivot Energy

September 16 2019

6 Reasons Why Community Solar is Good for New Mexicans

Author: Jon Sullivan VP of Project Development   New Mexico is one of a handful of states trying to implement a community solar program. If legislators and stakeholders are successful, then opportunities will abound for New Mexican’s to benefit from the New Mexico Community Solar Act and the solar industry in general. The first major…

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September 9 2019

Colorado Community Solar Market Overview

Today, community solar feels like the logical end for distributed clean energy – build large offsite solar arrays, let multiple households, companies, municipalities, and others subscribe to the capacity, and receive bill credits on the generation. However, only a short while ago, this concept was wildly new and innovative. It was only in 2010 that…

By: Pivot Energy

September 2 2019

Pivot Energy Featured on Solar Power World’s 2019 Top Solar Contractors List

Pivot Energy is proud to announce it has been recognized by Solar Power World magazine for its commercial and community solar projects developed across the country. Pivot Energy has been ranked 184 out of 415 solar companies on the magazine’s 2019 Top Solar Contractors list, including as the No. 1 solar installer in South Dakota.…

By: Pivot Energy

July 23 2019

SEIA Announces ‘The Solar+ Decade’, Targeting 20% Solar Generation by 2030

Despite all of the curveballs thrown its way, the solar industry achieved tremendous success over the last decade, experiencing an average annual growth rate of 50%. In 2010, the solar industry accounted for only .01% of total electricity generation across the country. Today, solar energy represents roughly 2.5% of electricity generation in the U.S. and…

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July 10 2019

Greentech Media Solar Summit Recap

By: Kacie Peters Director of Business Development Image Source: Greentech Media “It’s always fitting to attend a solar conference in Arizona – the sun’s energy is more tangible in 100-degree heat.” – every attendee at the GTM Solar Summit 2019 As I write this, the Pivot Energy team is on our way home to Denver from the…

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May 17 2019

Part 4: The Wild, Wild (Mid)West: ARES and Credit Rates

By: Kacie Peters Director of Business Development In the classic Western movie troupe, two men stare down each other at high noon. “This town isn’t big enough for the two of us,” one says to the other. The encounter typically ends poorly for one of the participants. In Illinois, those two players are the Alternative…

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April 18 2019

Part 3: The Wild, Wild (Mid)West: Subscription Rate Design

By: Kacie Peters Director of Business Development Gold is a huge motivator. During the gold rush, hundreds of thousands headed west to strike it rich. But not everyone made a fortune in the gold rush, and not every community solar developer in Illinois will either. Rate design and credit offsets are particularly complex in the…

By: Pivot Energy

April 11 2019

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