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Rivian Partners with Pivot Energy to Build Community Solar in Illinois

May 22 2024

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Rivian Partners with Pivot Energy to Build Community Solar in Illinois

Pivot Energy partners with EV maker Rivian to develop 60 MW of solar energy in Illinois.

By: Pivot Energy

May 22 2024

Community Solar Markets: A State Review

Here’s how legislation in states like DE, IL, and MD are expanding community solar access to help renters and low-income residents save with clean energy!

By: Pivot Energy

March 18 2024

Using Policy to Deploy Community Solar as Energy Bill Assistance

Learn how Pivot is supercharging equitable access to community solar through state-level policy.

By: Annie Lappé & Sophia Hill

February 9 2024

Empowering Clean Energy: The Sweeping Benefits of Shared Solar-Friendly Legislation

Explore the benefits and challenges of passing shared solar-friendly legislation in states like Virginia.

By: Pivot Energy

January 31 2024

Community Solar's Economic Impact

Why do most Americans support renewables? Community solar, for one, delivers economic growth and cuts costs for communities, individuals, and businesses.

By: Pivot Energy

December 6 2023

Operations & Maintenance 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Explore how Pivot Energy excels in Renewable Energy O&M, from proactive maintenance to safety protocols, and why O&M is crucial for maximizing efficiency.

By: Pivot Energy

October 27 2023

Solar Partnerships for a Brighter Future: Co-Development

This blog covers Pivot Energy’s criteria for co-developing renewable energy projects with like-minded solar and energy storage developers and partnership benefits.

By: Pivot Energy

October 19 2023

Douglas County School District Partners with Pivot Energy for a 920 Kilowatt Community Solar Subscription

Partnership will yield over $300,000 in energy costs savings, complimenting the school district’s sustainability initiatives

By: Pivot Energy

September 20 2023

Harvesting the Sun: Exploring the Parallels between Solar Energy Production and Farming

Discover the symbiotic relationship between solar energy and farming. Explore how solar projects empower communities and cultivate a sustainable future.

By: Pivot Energy

July 13 2023

Revolutionizing Sustainable Living: the Benefits of Community Solar Farms

Discover the power of community solar farms: save on bills, boost your local economy, create jobs, enhance grid resilience, reduce emissions, and more!

By: Pivot Energy

June 15 2023

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