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Clean Energy Financing: Unlocking Renewable Energy Growth with Transferable Tax Credits

April 10 2024

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Clean Energy Financing: Unlocking Renewable Energy Growth with Transferable Tax Credits

Here’s how the IRA introduced tax credit transfers, which open up many new project financing opportunities. Learn how they compare with tax equity investments.

By: Pivot Energy

April 10 2024

From Sunlight to Savings: What Your Sustainability Team Should Know

Here’s everything you need to know before working with a solar developer. This information is key to ensuring that you pick a partner that can maximize ROI.

By: Pivot Energy

August 28 2023

Setting Legitimate Decarbonization Targets: Lead the Way with SBTi

Learn about the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), setting decarbonization targets, and how Pivot can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

By: Pivot Energy

June 22 2023

Decarbonization 101: How To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The term decarbonization refers to the process of reducing your overall carbon footprint and aiding our nation's transition to a low-carbon economy.

By: Pivot Energy

May 31 2023

Elements of Additionality

Additionality has made its way to clean energy space, but its current definition is both unclear and limiting. Here are a few ideas to remedy this.

By: Adam Weber & Carmen Braggiato

May 4 2023

The Business Benefits of Rooftop Community Solar

Don’t let a perfectly good roof go to waste! Installing a rooftop community solar farm will provide your business with a new revenue stream and more customers while helping locals access cheaper clean energy.

By: Pivot Energy

March 14 2023

SRECs and the Future REC Market

Pivot Energy explains the nuances between SRECs and RECs, helping corporations to navigate the evolving carbon offset markets and establish an optimal energy transition strategy.

By: Pivot Energy

February 28 2023

Extra Space Storage’s Solar Portfolio With Pivot Energy to Surpass 15 Megawatt Milestone

National renewable energy provider, Pivot Energy, is set to install nine additional rooftop solar systems on Extra Space Storage facilities, adding 946.8 kilowatts of capacity to an expansive renewable energy portfolio that now totals 15 megawatts.

By: Pivot Energy

January 24 2023

Not All Offsets Are Evil: Achieving Net-Zero Emissions

Keep reading to learn more about how corporations can leverage another type of GHG reduction solution, funding renewable projects, to counteract their emissions in the short- and medium-term, as they work towards reaching their long-term goals for directly eliminating GHG emissions from their operations.

By: Pivot Energy

January 11 2023

Additionality: a Key Piece of the Net Zero Puzzle

Discover the importance of additionality in achieving net zero emissions. Explore its significance, assessment, and impact on mitigating climate change.

By: Pivot Energy

January 4 2023

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