Pivot Energy Partners with Weld RE-5J School District to Bring Community Solar and Advanced Energy Education to Northern Colorado

Pivot Energy Partners with Weld RE-5J School District to Bring Community Solar and Advanced Energy Education to Northern Colorado

Pivot Energy, Colorado’s leading community solar developer, has announced a partnership with Weld County RE-5J to supply the school district with a 1.4-megawatt community solar subscription and $30,000 to offer post-secondary educational scholarships for Weld and Larimer county students.

The scholarships will be available to students interested in pursuing advanced education within select STEM fields, including new energy technology and renewable energy. The funds were given to the Weld RE-5J Foundation and students will be able to apply for assistance in March 2021.

Weld RE-5J also signed a 1.4-megawatt community solar subscription with Pivot that will save the district an estimated $386,657 in total utility expenses during the 20-year agreement. Community solar has become a popular way for schools, non-profits, and municipalities to save money on their utility expenses while reducing their carbon footprint.

“Our partnership with Pivot Energy is a game-changer for our school district and our students. Our students will be able to learn about renewable energy by receiving tours of the solar fields, learning about the installation process as well as furthering their education with scholarship help from the generous donation Pivot Energy provided our district’s Foundation. These opportunities will provide terrific job opportunities for our students in the future,” said Leslie Arnold, Weld RE-5J Superintendent.

“Weld RE-5J has been a tremendous partner to work with to help develop a successful scholarship program that provides advanced education opportunities for the students of Weld and Larimer counties,” said Jon Fitzpatrick, vice president of project development at Pivot Energy. “Their effort to lead by example and subscribe to our solar gardens demonstrates the value that community solar can provide to the local community, including non-profit organizations seeking to reduce energy costs. We sincerely appreciate their collaboration and look forward to working with other groups in the area.”

The donation is Pivot’s third charitable donation to a rural Colorado educational institution, furthering the company’s commitment to supporting the local communities that host its solar projects with more than just clean energy. Last year, the company made similar donations to the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation and Bright Futures. To date, Pivot has distributed more than $200,000 in scholarships and internship opportunities across Colorado communities where its projects are located.