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How Solar Impacts Your Building and Roof Maintenance

June 3 2021

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How Solar Impacts Your Building and Roof Maintenance

Solar panels are an excellent investment if you want to decrease your building’s operational costs, increase resiliency against power outages, and meet your company’s sustainability goals. However, facility managers may be concerned that solar arrays would raise building maintenance issues and come with unforeseen challenges. The worry is that this will decrease the net savings…

By: Pivot Energy

June 3 2021

The Right Time for Facility Managers to Choose Solar is Now

Companies worldwide have started to recognize the numerous benefits that solar energy brings: a decrease in long-term facility costs, access to market incentives, and an increase in property value, to name a few. Therefore, it is not about deciding whether or not to install solar for many facility managers but instead knowing the right time…

By: Pivot Energy

May 27 2021

Solar Incentives: Everything Facilities Managers Need to Know

Companies, governments, nonprofits, and schools across the U.S are switching to solar energy at an unprecedented rate. Compared to just 370 megawatts (MW) in 2010, more than 15,000 MW of solar capacity has already been installed by commercial and non-residential customers just last year. This massive solar market growth was possible due to federal and…

By: Pivot Energy

April 27 2021

10 Benefits of Using Solar For Your Facility

It is no secret that on-site solar energy can benefit facilities of all types—from small retail stores and offices to giant corporate offices, warehouses, and even shopping malls. On-site solar refers to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on either a residential or commercial property. They can be installed on the roof, mounted on a field,…

By: Pivot Energy

April 21 2021

How Solar Can Increase Your Self Storage Facility’s Market Value

For companies in the self storage industry, your facility itself is probably one of your most significant assets. Unlike other industries that are considering going partly or wholly remote after the pandemic, the self storage industry will always need a large physical space to run its business. Therefore, it makes sense to continuously invest in…

By: Pivot Energy

April 13 2021

Solar Energy, the Next Frontier of Food & Beverage Sustainability

The Food and Beverage industry leads on sustainability. From regenerative agriculture practices to the industry’s increased transparency at the grocery aisle, Food and Beverage companies understand that sustainability isn’t just good for brand perception; it is a competitive advantage. However, one critical component doesn’t align with Food and Beverage companies’ sustainability plans: the fossil fuels…

By: Pivot Energy

April 2 2021

Using Solar to Market to New and Existing Customers

Learn how your business can attract more eco-conscious customers by installing onsite solar solutions and marketing your commitment sustainability.

By: Pivot Energy

March 19 2021

How Solar Creates Financial Resiliency For Facility Management Budgets

Companies can experience many financial downturns and unanticipated costs. Decreasing demand from tenants, rising competition, and uncertainty in input costs can lead to much variability in the business. This is especially an issue now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as there is a lot of uncertainty around when people will return to offices, and the…

By: Pivot Energy

March 17 2021

Choosing The Best Solar Financing Option For Your Facility

If you are a facility manager that is thinking of installing solar on the property you manage, you might be wondering how to pay for it. How much are the costs? Are there financing options? What are the other opportunities available out there? The cost of installing a 350 kilowatt (kW) solar system can cost…

By: Pivot Energy

March 16 2021

Savings and Incentives – Why You Should Take Advantage of Solar Now

While solar policies and incentives vary across states and utilities, there has been one critical piece of federal policy that has played an outsized role in the rapid expansion of the solar energy industry. Much like other incentives that have long since sunset, this policy too is phasing down. Facility managers around the U.S are…

By: Pivot Energy

March 11 2021

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