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Savings and Incentives – Why You Should Take Advantage of Solar Now

March 11 2021

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Savings and Incentives – Why You Should Take Advantage of Solar Now

While solar policies and incentives vary across states and utilities, there has been one critical piece of federal policy that has played an outsized role in the rapid expansion of the solar energy industry. Much like other incentives that have long since sunset, this policy too is phasing down. Facility managers around the U.S are…

By: Pivot Energy

March 11 2021

Gain a New Revenue Stream with Solar in 2021

Unlock A New Revenue Stream Savvy business owners know how to generate additional revenue from their commercial assets. Some examples include leasing the roof space for billboards or cellular antennas, providing additional paid services to tenants or renting unused space, and providing premium parking spaces.  Now there is another option available to commercial property owners…

By: Pivot Energy

January 21 2021

Pivot Energy and Joliet Junior College Flip the Switch on New Campus Solar System

Pivot Energy and Joliet Junior College (JJC) announced today the completion and activation of a 1.3-megawatt (MW) onsite solar system at JJC’s Main Campus. The solar array, which consists of 3,542 solar panels, was installed by national solar developer Pivot Energy and will save the college more than $1.6 million in electricity expenses over 25…

By: Pivot Energy

January 11 2021

Choosing The Best Solar Financing Option for Your Business

If you are considering solar, you might be curious about how to pay for it. How much does it cost? Is there financing available? What other options are there? For a 250 kilowatt (kW) system, your installation might cost $500,000 before any state, or federal incentives are applied. This can be a steep financial investment…

By: Pivot Energy

December 11 2020

No Upfront Investment, No Maintenance

With the ongoing pandemic and work-at-home orders going well into 2021, the last thing businesses and commercial property owners are thinking about is making any non-essential or costly investments. Instead, the priority is to explore new ways to maximize revenue in this risky economic climate. So what if we told you there is a way…

By: Pivot Energy

December 3 2020

Solar Incentives Explained for Your Self Storage Business

Businesses in the U.S are switching to solar energy at an unprecedented rate. Compared to just 370 megawatts (MW) in 2010, more than 15,000 MW of solar capacity has already been installed by commercial and industrial customers in 2020. This colossal solar market growth was possible due to federal and state financial incentives, tax credits,…

By: Pivot Energy

November 19 2020

Host Site vs. Traditional Solar

Whether you have looked at solar previously or it has never been something you have considered before, Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) is a game-changer that should be on any Massachusett business owner’s radar. The state-approved incentive program is a paradigm shift away from traditional solar, only attainable to those businesses that could afford to…

By: Pivot Energy

November 18 2020

How Solar Creates Financial Resiliency for Businesses

Enhance your business's financial resiliency with solar energy. Learn how solar protects against rising electricity costs and offers long-term stability.

By: Pivot Energy

October 28 2020

Extra Space Storage Continues Clean Energy Leadership with 65 More Solar Installations from Pivot Energy

Today, national solar developer, Pivot Energy, announced its collaboration with Extra Space Storage to install 65 rooftop solar systems on storage buildings across eight states, including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee. The portfolio totals 5.5 megawatts of emission-free and reliable energy, producing enough electricity to power nearly 1,000 homes for an entire year. The portfolio is estimated to save Extra Space $600,000 during the…

By: Pivot Energy

October 26 2020

Onsite vs. Offsite Solar: Which is Right for Your Business?

Dive into the key benefits of onsite and offsite solar energy solutions and identify what’s the best fit for your business.

By: Pivot Energy

October 7 2020

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