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How Solar Creates Financial Resiliency For Facility Management Budgets

March 17 2021

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How Solar Creates Financial Resiliency For Facility Management Budgets

Companies can experience many financial downturns and unanticipated costs. Decreasing demand from tenants, rising competition, and uncertainty in input costs can lead to much variability in the business. This is especially an issue now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as there is a lot of uncertainty around when people will return to offices, and the…

By: Pivot Energy

March 17 2021

Choosing The Best Solar Financing Option For Your Facility

If you are a facility manager that is thinking of installing solar on the property you manage, you might be wondering how to pay for it. How much are the costs? Are there financing options? What are the other opportunities available out there? The cost of installing a 350 kilowatt (kW) solar system can cost…

By: Pivot Energy

March 16 2021

Pivot Energy Partners with Weld RE-5J School District to Bring Community Solar and Advanced Energy Education to Northern Colorado

Pivot Energy, Colorado’s leading community solar developer, has announced a partnership with Weld County RE-5J to supply the school district with a 1.4-megawatt community solar subscription and $30,000 to offer post-secondary educational scholarships for Weld and Larimer county students. The scholarships will be available to students interested in pursuing advanced education within select STEM fields,…

By: Pivot Energy

February 23 2021

Business for Good: Pivot Energy’s 2020 Impact Report

We are excited to release Pivot Energy’s 2019 Impact Report. As a Certified B Corporation, we operate on a triple bottom line basis, meaning our activities are oriented towards having a positive impact on people, planet, and profit.

By: Pivot Energy

January 29 2021

Pivot Energy Completes 34-Megawatt Community Solar Portfolio Through Illinois Adjustable Block Program

Today, national solar developer Pivot Energy announced the completion of 12 new community solar gardens located across Illinois, totaling 34-megawatts of emission-free, clean, and local electricity. Pivot Energy was awarded the portfolio in 2019 as part of the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. Nine of the solar gardens are currently operational and producing clean energy for ComEd and…

By: Pivot Energy

January 27 2021

Pivot Energy and Joliet Junior College Flip the Switch on New Campus Solar System

Pivot Energy and Joliet Junior College (JJC) announced today the completion and activation of a 1.3-megawatt (MW) onsite solar system at JJC’s Main Campus. The solar array, which consists of 3,542 solar panels, was installed by national solar developer Pivot Energy and will save the college more than $1.6 million in electricity expenses over 25…

By: Pivot Energy

January 11 2021

4 Reasons Why Climate Change Is a Racial Justice Issue

Climate change is a global emergency that affects all of us. However, it does not impact everyone equally. The negative effects of climate change are felt most strongly by our most vulnerable communities. This guest blog from Ben & Jerry’s explores why climate change is a racial justice issue and how we can help. *This…

By: Pivot Energy

December 16 2020

Choosing The Best Solar Financing Option for Your Business

If you are considering solar, you might be curious about how to pay for it. How much does it cost? Is there financing available? What other options are there? For a 250 kilowatt (kW) system, your installation might cost $500,000 before any state, or federal incentives are applied. This can be a steep financial investment…

By: Pivot Energy

December 11 2020

Pivot Energy Announces Major Company Growth in 2020 with New Leadership Hires, Key Promotions, and Regional Market Expansion

Colorado’s largest community solar developer and national solar provider, Pivot Energy, has announced major company growth results during 2020 while the solar industry experienced uncertainty and slowing. The company’s growth is highlighted by a 34% increase in staff and a 180% increase in installed solar capacity this year. In 2020, Pivot Energy hired 13 new positions, including the…

By: Pivot Energy

December 8 2020

No Upfront Investment, No Maintenance

With the ongoing pandemic and work-at-home orders going well into 2021, the last thing businesses and commercial property owners are thinking about is making any non-essential or costly investments. Instead, the priority is to explore new ways to maximize revenue in this risky economic climate. So what if we told you there is a way…

By: Pivot Energy

December 3 2020

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