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Scope 1, 2, & 3 Emissions Explained: How You Can Reduce Your Emissions With Solar

March 25 2022

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Scope 1, 2, & 3 Emissions Explained: How You Can Reduce Your Emissions With Solar

Whether you’re looking to make your business more green or help your company meet its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, reducing emissions is an important part of the environmental responsibility equation.

By: Pivot Energy

March 25 2022

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates 101

SREC is an acronym for solar renewable energy credit. SRECs are a specific type of renewable energy credit (REC), which can encompass many kinds of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, or hydropower.

By: Pivot Energy

March 2 2022

Answering Common Questions About Rooftop Solar

If you’re considering going solar for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. When it comes to rooftop solar, it’s important to partner with an experienced solar company knowledgeable of the local area, building codes, and someone with a strong track record of solar development.

By: Pivot Energy

February 25 2022

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Renewable Energy Generation

Seize the moment to invest in solar energy generation, taking advantage of the available federal and state incentives, and latest technological advancements.

By: Pivot Energy

February 17 2022

Virtual Power Purchase Agreement 101

More now than ever, companies are looking to improve their environmental footprint, and many are turning to power purchase agreements (PPAs).

By: Pivot Energy

December 1 2021

How To Talk About Your Renewable Energy Project

Installing a commercial solar project comes with many benefits; reducing your carbon footprint, saving money, and increased resiliency just to name a few.

By: Pivot Energy

November 24 2021

Town of Breckenridge Partners with Pivot Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

DENVER, Colorado (March 10, 2020) —  The Town of Breckenridge achieves its 100% renewable electricity for municipal facilities goal with a 3.6 MW community solar subscription with Pivot Energy. This partnership allows the town to achieve its municipal renewable electricity goal five years ahead of schedule, raising the expectation and urgency for climate action for…

By: Pivot Energy

March 10 2020

Pivot Energy Solar Canopy Installation Unveiled to the Public at Mount Rushmore

Today, the new Thomas Jefferson Solar Canopy at Mount Rushmore National Memorial was unveiled at the Mt. Rushmore national park in Keystone, South Dakota. The 346 kilowatt project, designed and managed by Pivot Energy, includes 975 solar modules which are mounted on top of the Washington parking garage. The project is the second largest solar…

By: Pivot Energy

April 22 2019

Pivot Energy Wins SunPower 2018 “Intelegant Award for Excellence”

DENVER, CO, March 12, 2019 – Pivot Energy, a Denver-based solar installer, has received the SunPower “Intelegant Award for Excellence” for an exceptionally well-designed and installed commercial solar project commissioned in 2018. The 346 kW award-winning carport system is producing clean energy from Mt. Rushmore National Monument in Keystone, South Dakota. “Pivot Energy has demonstrated…

By: Pivot Energy

March 12 2019

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