Town of Breckenridge Partners with Pivot Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

DENVER, Colorado (March 10, 2020) —  The Town of Breckenridge achieves its 100% renewable electricity for municipal facilities goal with a 3.6 MW community solar subscription with Pivot Energy. This partnership allows the town to achieve its municipal renewable electricity goal five years ahead of schedule, raising the expectation and urgency for climate action for other cities and towns across Colorado.

“This is a monumental feat for the Town of Breckenridge,” said Tom Hunt, CEO of Pivot. “Breckenridge’s commitment and execution to achieve deep emission reductions using community-based projects should serve as a blueprint for other towns and cities across Colorado, and the country, that truly want to fight climate change. We are thrilled to partner with them to provide the final amount of renewable energy needed to meet their current target.”