Pivot Energy Signs 1.45 Megawatt Community Solar Agreement with Real Estate Developer Continuum

By: Pivot Energy

August 31 2022

 National renewable energy provider Pivot Energy is pleased to announce a 1.45 megawatt (MW) community solar subscription with Continuum Partners, a prominent Denver-based real estate developer. The agreement will offset 100% of the electricity usage at one of Continuum’s mixed-use commercial properties with locally-produced, clean energy, and will reduce electricity costs for eight of the building’s tenants.  

System costs and lack of viable rooftop space are often among the greatest barriers to solar adoption. The Pivot Energy community solar subscription presents a creative opportunity for Continuum to offer its commercial tenants the benefits of low-cost, renewable energy without having to install a single solar panel on the property. 

Continuum has explored a range of green building development strategies since its founding 25 years ago. It made national headlines in 2004 for its development of Belmar, a mixed-use property that incorporated recycled building materials, onsite wind energy, and a 1.7 MW solar system, the largest commercial rooftop array in the western United States at the time of construction. This community solar subscription shows continued commitment to sustainability, and will offset over 1,800 tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to removing more than 350 gas-powered cars from the road every year. 

Continuum CEO Mark Falcone said, “As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve been reinvigorated in our aim to incorporate renewable energy and other green initiatives into our projects. When we learned that Pivot is a certified B-Corporation with established ESG goals, we knew it would be the perfect like-minded partner to support our environmental goals while helping us provide value to our tenants.” 

“We are always excited to work with fellow Colorado companies to expand the adoption of renewable energy in our backyard,” said Pivot Director of Business Development Matthew Brenn. “Continuum is setting a new standard for the real estate industry with their subscription, and we hope that other developers rise to the challenge.”

In addition to the project’s sustainability benefits, the community solar subscription will provide roughly $390,000 in lifetime electricity savings to its commercial tenants. The property, which includes a hotel, offices, shops, and an underground parking garage, is located south of Union Station on 16th and Wewatta in downtown Denver. 

About Pivot Energy

Pivot Energy is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds, owns, and manages solar and energy storage projects. Pivot offers a distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software aimed at serving the full solar ecosystem. Pivot is a Certified B-Corporation that proudly follows a corporate strategy aimed at providing a positive impact on society as measured by Environmental stewardship, Social leadership, and responsible Governance (ESG) factors. Learn more at pivotenergy.net


About Continuum Partners

Continuum Partners, LLC is a progressive development firm specializing in building urban mixed-use developments that create successful pedestrian environments and integrate effectively with the surrounding urban fabric. Founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1997 with a deliberate mission to create sustainable human habitats of extraordinary character and enduring value, Continuum Partners has established itself as a national leader in urban, mixed-use, large-scale projects. Learn more at www.continuumpartners.com.


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