The Business Benefits of Rooftop Community Solar

By: Pivot Energy

March 14 2023

Rooftop solar isn’t just for homeowners; today, the world’s largest corporations are making long-term commitments to renewable energy, spurred on by the fact that it’s both the right thing to do, and it benefits their bottom line. Partially due to the proliferation of community solar programs across many states, your company can now easily transform its under-utilized rooftop into a revenue-generating asset by teaming up with a solar developer like Pivot Energy to design a rooftop community solar project.

Make Money by Leasing Out Your Roof

Your building’s rooftop is a valuable asset; from both the business and environmental perspective, it would be a shame to let that precious real estate go to waste. With numerous government incentives – such as the tax breaks in the Inflation Reduction Act – it’s no wonder many businesses are seeking out the economic benefits of rooftop community solar.

You might be familiar with rooftop solar as a means of reducing your building’s carbon footprint or its high energy costs, but community solar is slightly different. Instead of directly offsetting your building’s energy load, the onsite solar array will benefit the entire neighborhood by helping local subscribers save money on their utility bills while enabling clean energy production. In exchange for leasing out your roof, your business will be compensated regularly for sharing the advantages of renewable energy with the local community.

Since their inception, community solar programs have evolved from scrappy, local projects to fully-fledged systems. For decades, the solar industry has worked hand in hand with the roofing sector to establish best practices for installing the latest and greatest generation of renewable energy technologies that will have a minimal impact on your building. Project owners like Pivot Energy will work with utility providers and state regulators, acquire and manage subscribers, and ensure the program functions smoothly. The only hurdle for your business will be deciding to lease out your roof, and Pivot will walk you through the rest!

Gain Loyal Customers by Supporting Their Energy Transition

In addition to unlocking a new revenue stream for your business, installing a rooftop community solar project will benefit your local economy by creating well-paying jobs and providing those in need with access to a cheaper clean energy resource. Community solar programs are often designed to ensure solar benefits the whole community, targeting traditionally under-served customers and families that have not had easy access to affordable clean energy. As a result, this can be an effective marketing strategy for attracting a new demographic of customers. 

Through subscribing to your community solar project, like-minded individuals and small business owners will appreciate your business for helping them gain access to participating in the clean energy revolution. You’ll stand out amongst your competitors for displacing fossil fuel-burning methods of energy generation, delivering cleaner air, lowering regional emissions, and supporting sustainability. 

Work With a Trusted Partner

Honestly, we can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t want to lease out your roof for a community solar project. The Pivot team is always happy to answer any community solar questions you may have – either about subscribing to a project, hosting a site, or seeing a community solar garden developed in your community. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

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