Solar Partnerships for a Brighter Future: Co-Development

By: Pivot Energy

October 19 2023

At Pivot Energy, our goal is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and reliable electric grid, providing local communities with equitable access to clean energy infrastructure. Since mitigating climate change is central to our strategic mission, we’re interested in collaborating with like-minded developers and forming strategic partnerships that result in us both producing and energizing more solar and storage projects.

When it comes to the clean energy transition, there’s a lot to accomplish in a short period of time. That’s why Pivot is seeking mutually beneficial partnerships that benefit the developers, the local communities, and the planet. It’s worth noting that Pivot is predominantly focused on co-developing community solar projects. With that in mind, should you determine after reading this blog that your values and goals align with our criteria for co-development, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Identifying Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

When two high-quality developers complement one another’s strengths, they succeed in breaking ground, developing, and energizing more renewable energy projects faster. As a developer with decades of experience, Pivot can help solve any strategic issues your operation might face – our team leverages our relationships with utilities, experience securing permits, assets for attracting and onboarding local subscribers, and more. For example, perhaps your team is well-versed in acquiring sites and completing permitting, but lacks relationships with the utilities (or visa-versa). We’re willing to help wherever we can.

Co-Development Criteria

The foundation of every positive business relationship is an initial conversation ensuring everyone’s goals and values are properly aligned. The Inflation Reduction Act has attracted many new developers to the renewable energy space, which is already seeing tremendous growth. We are interested in creating partnerships with the following in mind:

Focus on Community Solar & Energy Storage: First and foremost, Pivot develops, owns, and operates community solar projects. As such, we’re looking for other developers who want to co-develop and ultimately sell community solar projects in one of the many states with existing community solar legislation. We are also interested in partnering with energy storage developers, particularly in regions such as the Midwest and California. Ideally, these storage developers should be familiar with both standalone storage and solar plus storage facilities.

Experienced Developers: We expect all our business partners to have a proven track record. We know firsthand that the solar development market is complex; many unexpected roadblocks can occur throughout a project. We’re interested in working with developers with an existing project portfolio demonstrating their capacity to build and energize a 3-5 MW solar project.

Transparency is Key: Open and honest communication is critical to any partnership. We seek to work with people who are forthright when it comes to legal and commercial negotiations. We will be fair and transparent from the onset and expect the same from everyone who works with us.

Shared Values: As a Certified B Corporation, we’re guided by our desire to develop projects that benefit the local community and environment and, ultimately, the world as a whole. While it's not a requirement for our partners to be B Corp certified, we are primarily interested in working with those who generally respect these guiding principles.

Where We Work

Once a level of comfort and trust is established within the partnership, we’re willing to venture into new territories to produce the highest quality projects. Our primary focus at Pivot is finding the best ways to complement our development partners, whether that’s in markets we’ve worked in before, or ones that are entirely new for us.

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For companies that align with our goals and values, there is a lot we can accomplish together. If your company meets the criteria above, enjoys problem-solving, and is interested in co-developing  3–5 MW community solar or energy storage projects that benefit people, the planet, and your profits, contact us today.

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