Onsite Solar

Strengthen your business's bottom line while achieving your sustainability goals. 


Power Your Operations With Solar

Commercial and retail businesses can reduce their operating costs while cutting carbon emissions with an onsite solar solution. As a company with national reach, Pivot is equipped to handle clients with large, nationwide portfolios. Pivot is your one-stop partner for solar. As a turnkey solar provider, we offer services at every stage of the project development cycle, from initial feasibility analysis, development work, and financing through to engineering, construction, and operations and maintenance. 


Ground Mount


Specialty Project



Project Types



Solar modules are mounted onsite on your organization’s roof. From small roofs to large warehouses, our team will design a custom system to maximize your energy production.

Ground Mount

In this design, solar panels are mounted in nearby open land, allowing your organization to utilize solar without taking up roof space. The energy generated offsite will offset your organization’s energy costs.



Our team of experienced engineers and construction managers design custom solar canopies to protect and shade parking lots or structures while producing solar energy for your business.


Specialty Project

Available a la carte or alongside a solar installation, we offer educational displays, tools, aesthetic solar structures, and more to increase visibility and educate the community on your solar installation.


Maximize Your Onsite Solar Project

Learn more about how you can reduce your costs and optimize your solar system. 

Financing & Incentives

Take advantage of state, federal, and local incentives and financing mechanisms to lower the upfront cost of your solar system.

Energy Storage

We help our clients deploy energy storage systems in conjunction with new or existing onsite solar projects.


How Solar Works

From photovoltaic cells to bifacial vs. monofacial modules; solar can sound complicated. Learn from the commercial solar experts. 

Client Spotlight

Xanterra Travel Collection

Mount Rushmore

Pivot partnered with Xanterra Travel Collection to build the Thomas Jefferson Solar Canopy at the Mt. Rushmore national park in Keystone, South Dakota. The 346 kilowatt project, designed and managed by Pivot, includes 975 solar modules which are mounted on top of the Washington parking garage. The project is the second-largest solar installation in the state.

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