System Maintenance

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System Maintenance

Pivot’s in house project maintenance team handles all aspects of the PV array from start to finish.

The end of construction for a solar project is only the beginning of the project’s lifecycle. In order to ensure the solar array operates at its peak performance throughout its life, Pivot Energy closely monitors the electric performance of each component remotely. If performance drops below expected levels, we dispatch crews to the site to investigate the cause. Every year, we visit the site to conduct routine mechanical and electrical maintenance.

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Process Overview

Pivot Energy monitors the energy produced by all of our equipment throughout the day. We also keep track of the amount of sunlight and temperature – both key factors in solar energy production. Our equipment models the amount of energy that should be produced during a given time period based on the site conditions. If the actual amount of energy produced doesn’t match the anticipated amount of energy produced, we run through a series of checks to determine if all equipment is operating as expected. If needed, we dispatch personnel to the site to evaluate and repair any equipment that’s not working properly. We work hard to ensure 100% uptime for all equipment to maximize savings for our customers.

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