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Pivot Energy Enables Renewable Energy Careers by Supporting Solar Energy International

By: Pivot Energy

June 1 2022

Today, Pivot Energy is excited to announce its efforts to support education and career development in the solar sector through its partnership with Solar Energy International (SEI). Pivot’s financial support will help the internationally recognized educational nonprofit open its widely respected renewable energy training courses to more students, and introduce wrap-around services that will place students directly into career positions with renewable energy companies across the nation.

Development of the renewable energy workforce is at a critical juncture, making SEI’s efforts to train 272,500 new clean energy workers by 2025 more important than ever. Pivot Energy’s support will also help SEI work toward its broader goals of fostering sustainable economic growth and combating climate change.

Solar Energy International's vision of building the future, clean energy workforce dovetails with Pivot Energy’s mission of accelerating the shift to renewables and the shared end goal of combating climate change. Since its founding in 1991, SEI has trained over 80,000 solar professionals worldwide and delivered educational resources to over 110,000 people. Ten percent of the world’s solar installations have involved SEI students, including many Pivot Energy projects.

Solar Energy International has also redoubled its efforts to address the societal, cultural, and economic barriers hopeful students may face when seeking solar training. Pivot Energy is excited to help these efforts to make entry into the solar energy workforce more accessible for historically underrepresented groups. This effort mirrors their own internal workforce development efforts.

Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of Project Development for Pivot Energy, said, “Building the renewable energy workforce of the future poses a massive challenge, and it is only made possible through the dedication, vision, and tireless work of passionate people and organizations like Solar Energy International. I am proud to be one of many SEI graduates working at Pivot today and can say from firsthand experience that they cultivate the key skills which are desperately needed in the renewable energy sector. We are excited to see all that Solar Energy International accomplishes in the coming decades.” 

Pivot Energy has a track record of supporting educational advancement and career exploration in the clean energy sector, and has backed a variety of academic scholarships and training programs. They also partnered with Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation, a Colorado-based nonprofit dedicated to providing educational scholarships for students from all walks of life.

Elizabeth Sanderson, Executive Director of Solar Energy International, said, “We are grateful for Pivot Energy’s continued support. They have been a fantastic partner in our efforts to build up and educate the solar workforce due in large part to our shared goals: combating climate change and fostering a safer, cleaner environment for everyone. With their support, we will be able to train and educate more students, fostering meaningful economic opportunities and bringing us one step closer to a world powered by clean energy.”



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About Solar Energy International

Solar Energy International (SEI) empowers students, alumni, and partners to expand a diverse, inclusive, well-trained and educated solar electricity workforce. Our aim is to promote sustainable economic growth, mitigate climate change, and support energy independence. For more information, please visit SEI.



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