Pivot Energy Completes 34-Megawatt Community Solar Portfolio Through Illinois Adjustable Block Program

Today, national solar developer Pivot Energy announced the completion of 12 new community solar gardens located across Illinois, totaling 34-megawatts of emission-free, clean, and local electricity. Pivot Energy was awarded the portfolio in 2019 as part of the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. Nine of the solar gardens are currently operational and producing clean energy for ComEd and Ameren utility customers. The remaining three gardens will come online in early spring 2021.

The portfolio allows thousands of Illinois households and businesses the opportunity to participate in the benefits of solar energy with no upfront costs and save money on their utility bills. Each solar garden will provide additional economic value to Illinois’ communities through local tax revenue collection and job opportunities associated with system operations and maintenance. After all 12 systems are operational, they will provide enough clean electricity to power more than 5,100 residential Illinois homes.

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