Pivot Energy Announces New Youth Program: GO, SOLAR!

Pivot Energy Announces New Youth Program: GO, SOLAR!

Edit: Happy April Fools’ Day! While we won’t be launching a program for earth-hating teens anytime soon, we will continue to support energy education and environmental advocacy through our solar installation and educational partnerships across the country.


Denver, CO, April 1, 2020 – Local solar company, Pivot Energy announces new youth program “Greatest Obstacle, Scared of Losing All Resources! (GO, SOLAR!),” which gives teens a look at where our planet is heading if they do not make better environmental choices.

“The idea came to me after Pivot’s Summer retreat last year, where our intern went overboard on a company rafting trip. She said that prior to that moment she never understood the force that was our dear Mother Earth. I thought that’s it! We’ll use Mother Earth as the teacher to battle global warming,” said Tom Hunt, CEO. “And, because we are a B Corp, we have made a commitment to enrich the communities we serve and our planet. The GO, SOLAR! initiative seemed like a natural progression.”

Today, six teens and their parents are meeting virtually to explore the new community outreach program. The youths, ages 13-17, all have worried parents and school officials because they have been abusing electricity and making poor, wasteful choices concerning the environment. These at-risk teens are in need of a lifestyle change and a serious wake-up call, and Pivot is here to help.

On the call, the situation is tense. The scowling 16-year-old who had repeatedly thrown trash out of his car window is repeatedly rolling his eyes. Pivot’s Business Development Manager, and Youth Program Director, Erik Bruner, notices the teen’s attitude, “Our everyday actions have an impact. When we are all more aware of our actions, we make better choices. Those choices add up to create real change. How are you going to live your life differently?”

GO, SOLAR! shows at-risk youths the power of Mother Nature through rafting down coursing rapids of the Colorado River (one of the nation’s largest natural resources), trash pick-up, and courses on how single-use plastics contaminate our oceans. Youths are given stern talks about the consequences of their actions by leading experts, like Erik, and are shown ways that they can easily change to become advocates for the environment.

As a matter of company policy, Pivot devotes considerable time and resources towards clean energy education and environmental advocacy in the communities in which we do business. If you or someone you know could use an environmental wake-up call, please contact us at aprilfools@pivotenergy.net.