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Triple Bottom Line

Pivot Energy is a certified B Corporation


Triple Bottom Line

We are proud to operate on a triple bottom line basis, measuring our success by the positive impact we make on people, the planet, and profit. It is one of the secrets to our success.


Triple Bottom Line

Pivot Energy is a Triple Bottom Line Company
People. Planet. Profit

Pivot Energy was conceived and continues to operate as a Triple Bottom Line (3BL) company, meaning our activities are oriented towards having a positive impact upon: People, Planet, and Profit.

Pivot Energy assesses metrics for three bottom lines on a quarterly basis, with a goal of achieving balanced growth in all three areas. We believe this approach to doing business is the inevitable next evolutionary stage for the economic sector.

The 3BL approach has developed into a key component of our company culture, and helps us attract and retain some of the best and brightest. Ultimately, 3BL is one of the secrets of our success.

We are as passionate about advancing our business model as we are about advancing clean energy.

2020 Impact Report

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Business Model

What is a Triple Bottom Line Business Model?

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Focus on a broader group of stakeholders.

Use Metrics to measure progress on more than just a financial basis.

Achieve balance between three, sometimes opposing ends of People, Planet and Prosperity. 

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Social (People)

We strive to operate our company in way that is respectful of its employees and which provides a healthy workplace, extensive benefits and a fulfilling work experience for all. Our company looks to play a productive role in the community, by contributing to groups and initiatives that have a positive social impact.

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Environmental (Planet)

We seek not only to have a positive environmental impact through the services we provide, but also by operating our company as sustainably as possible. As a matter of company policy, Pivot Energy devotes considerable time and resources towards clean energy education and advocacy in the communities in which we do business.

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Economic (Profit)

Like all businesses, Pivot Energy seeks to be profitable, and to grow the company.

Awarded Impact

Our 3BL approach has developed into a critical component of our award-winning company culture, helping us attract and retain some of the best and brightest, and is ultimately the secret to our success.