Kacie Peters Impact Award

Celebrating Excellence in Clean Energy and Sustainability

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About the Award

The Kacie Peters Impact Award is a prestigious recognition established to honor the memory of Kacie Peters, a passionate advocate for clean energy and sustainability. This award aims to acknowledge individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the clean energy sector, embodying the values and dedication that Kacie Peters exemplified throughout her life.

Kacie Peters Impact Award Criteria

Award Criteria

  1. Passion for Clean Energy

The recipient should demonstrate an unwavering passion for clean energy and a commitment to advancing sustainable solutions. They should be driven by a deep sense of purpose in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

  1. Community Building

The awardee should have a track record of actively fostering connections, collaboration, and a sense of community within the clean energy sector. Their efforts should have contributed to building a stronger, more connected clean energy community.

  1. Advocacy and Leadership

The award should recognize individuals who have shown exceptional leadership and advocacy in promoting clean energy and sustainability. They should have played a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of clean energy solutions.

  1. Resilience and Perseverance

Like Kacie Peters, candidates should exhibit resilience and determination in overcoming challenges and obstacles, particularly in the pursuit of clean energy goals. Their ability to persevere in the face of adversity should inspire others.

  1. Dedication to Equity and Inclusion

Acknowledge individuals who have actively worked to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the clean energy industry. They should have made significant efforts to ensure that clean energy benefits are accessible to all.

  1. Positive Mentorship

Recognize those who have served as mentors or role models, inspiring and guiding others to pursue careers and initiatives in clean energy. Their mentorship should have a positive and lasting impact on the next generation of clean energy leaders.

  1. Impact on Future Generations

Consider individuals whose work and dedication have the potential to create a lasting legacy and inspire future generations to pursue clean energy solutions. They should be driving positive change that will benefit generations to come.

  1. Collaboration and Partnerships

Recognize those who have successfully collaborated with various stakeholders, such as government, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations, to advance clean energy initiatives. Their collaborative efforts should have resulted in meaningful progress in the clean energy sector.

Submit a Nomination

Kacie Peters Impact Award Nominations

Thank you for your interest in nominating an individual for the Kacie Peters Impact Award! Please complete the form below to submit your nomination.


Subsmission Guidelines

  1. Eligibility: The Kacie Peters Impact Award is open to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the clean energy sector. Nominees must meet the award criteria.

  2. Nomination Process: Nominations for the Kacie Peters Impact Award are accepted annually during the nomination period. For 2024, this period is March 18th - July 31st. To nominate an individual, please complete the nomination form available on our website. Self-nominations are also accepted.

  3. Nomination Requirements: Each nomination must include the nominee's name, contact information, a brief biography highlighting their contributions to the clean energy sector, and a statement addressing how the nominee exemplifies the award criteria.

  4. Deadline: All nominations must be submitted by July 31, 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.

  5. Selection Process: Nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of industry professionals and stakeholders. The committee will evaluate each nominee based on their alignment with the award criteria.

  6. Announcement of Awardee: The recipient of the Kacie Peters Impact Award will be announced publicly during the WRISE Leadership Forum, October 9-11, 2024. They will receive recognition at a special ceremony held in conjunction with the WRISE Leadership Forum.

Awardee Selection

Selection Process

  1. Nomination Review: The selection committee will review all nominations received during the nomination period. Each nominee will be evaluated based on their alignment with the award criteria.
  1. Scoring Criteria: The selection committee will use a scoring system to assess each nominee's qualifications. The scoring system will rate each of the criteria – passion for clean energy, community building, advocacy and leadership, resilience and perseverance, dedication to equity and inclusion, positive mentorship, impact on future generations, and collaboration and partnerships – on a 1-5 scale to select finalists.
  1. Deliberation: The selection committee will deliberate on the finalists to identify the most deserving candidate for the Kacie Peters Impact Award. Committee members will consider the nominee's achievements, impact, and contributions to the clean energy sector.
  1. Final Selection: Based on the deliberation and scoring process, the selection committee will select the recipient of the Kacie Peters Impact Award. The awardee will embody the values and dedication exemplified by Kacie Peters throughout her career.
  1. Announcement: Once the recipient has been chosen, they will be notified. The announcement of the award recipient will be made publicly at the WRISE Leadership Forum. The recipient will receive recognition at a special ceremony held in conjunction with the event.
  1. Recognition: The recipient of the Kacie Peters Impact Award will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the clean energy sector and their embodiment of the values championed by Kacie Peters.

Terms & Conditions

Awardee Terms & Conditions

The winner of the Kacie Peters Impact Award will receive recognition and a physical award during the annual WRISE Leadership Form. Travel and Conferences Expenses for the awardee will be covered or reimbursed by WRISE. See the complete list of Terms & Conditions for more information.


Join Us in Celebrating Kacie's Legacy

The Kacie Peters Impact Award is more than just an accolade; it's a tribute to Kacie's enduring spirit and a commitment to continue the work she started. Join us in celebrating her legacy and the outstanding individuals who are making a difference in the clean energy sector.

This award is supported by members of Pivot Energy, COSSA, CCSA, WRISE, and other industry professionals.