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Community Solar for Schools & Universities

Community solar is a great way to reduce costs and an excellent educational opportunity for students, teachers, and the community. Subscribing to community solar illustrates the school's commitment to a sustainable future in their communities.


Weld County RE-5J


The Weld County RE-5J School District serves six schools with 3,800 students. Pivot Energy is supplying the school district with a community solar subscription and $30,000 to offer post-secondary educational scholarships for Weld and Larimer county students. This helps expand students’ opportunities to learn and engage with solar.



Garfield County School District 16


Garfield County School District 16’s 1.2 MW community solar subscription is providing the district with valuable energy savings. Additionally, with this subscription, the district is supporting clean, local power generation in the neighboring town of Grand Junction, Colorado.



Roaring Fork Schools


The mission of Roaring Fork Schools is to ensure that every student develops the enduring knowledge, skills, and character to thrive in a changing world. One way that the schools achieve this is by providing meaningful and experiential learning opportunities. With their community solar subscription, students have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy and get hands on experience tracking the school’s environmental impact.

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