Community solar is a low-risk option that is flexible as your organization's needs change. With no upfront investment, your organization can access the benefits of solar.

How It Works

Instead of putting panels on your roof, community solar is a subscription service for clean energy. You subscribe to a local solar project and receive credit on your monthly utility bill. To learn more about how community solar subscriptions work and the differences from onsite solar, click the button.

Subscriber spotlight

Pueblo Zoo

The Pueblo Zoo subscribed with Pivot to reduce its carbon footprint, and lower its energy costs. The Zoo should save more than $350,000 in electricity expenses over the lifetime of the subscription. The money saved from the Zoo’s solar subscription will be reallocated and used for its important animal conservation and education efforts.

“This initiative is important to us in so many ways. We are dedicated to acting as an example to our community in seeking out and implementing sustainable actions. We want to inspire our guests and our students to find ways to make sustainable choices in their own lives. Transferring to solar enables us to be true to our mission to empower people to engage in conservation of animals and their natural habitat. Additionally, as a non-profit entity, it is important for us to stretch every dollar. This solar project will allow us to direct those valuable savings directly to the care of the animals.”

-Abigail Krause, Executive Director of the Pueblo Zoo.

Pueblo Zoo

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