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Pivot Energy

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is the future of solar, and Pivot Energy is helping lead the way


About Community Solar

Community solar provides a way for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers, who can not or do not want to install a solar array on their property, to benefit from solar energy.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and U.S. Department of Energy estimate that only 50% of rooftops, for both residential and commercial buildings, are suitable for solar arrays. Community solar is a solution for the other 50%. Third-party developers construct local solar projects that connect with the utility grid, taking away the obligation to host an on-site solar array. This arrangement keeps the solar projects local and cost-effective benefitting the surrounding community.

Did you know...

Environmental Impact

Estimated lifetime offsets for our solar arrays

0 lbs

CO2 Avoided

0 Vehicles

Passenger Vehicles Driven

0 lbs

Coal Not Burned


Customers can subscribe to the community solar projects. Through these subscriptions, a
customer can stay with their existing utility company and sign up to directly support solar
projects in their local area. As part of the subscription, customers will receive credits from the
utility for the power produced by the community solar project, lowering their utility bill.

How It Works