Solar Success Presentation

SSA Spring Conference Webinar Series 2020

Mat Elmore, Head of Business Development of Pivot Energy, presented a webinar on behalf of the Self Storage Association’s Spring Conference Webinar Series.

Mat’s webinar touches on the success of solar energy in the self-storage industry, specifically on how to leverage solar energy systems to increase profit and property value at self-storage facilities. He discusses self-storage facilities that have partnered with Pivot for their solar energy needs, highlighting the overall annual utility bill savings. Watch to find out how your property can benefit from solar!


Pivot Energy rooftop installation at Extra Space Storage in Country Club Hills, IL

“Solar is now a big part of our corporate sustainability program, and part of our ongoing effort to be good corporate citizens. Generating rooftop solar energy production in lieu of using energy from carbon-emitting sources furthers this commitment and leverages a previously unused asset within our portfolio – our rooftops – and provides cost savings from reduced utility expense.”

Joe Margolis

CEO, Extra Space Storage