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Solar For All

Everything Illinois public schools need to know about the landmark solar for all program.


About Solar For All

A distributed energy generation renaissance is occurring in the upper midwest, and it is all starting with on-site solar energy. Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois are leading the way through new regulations and incentive programs. In Illinois, the catalyst has been the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), which has paved the way for new solar programs such as Solar For All (SFA.) Launched spring of 2019, this program benefits low-income households, communities, and the organizations that serve them by providing measurable savings on their energy bills. The SFA program specifically calls out public schools as one of the primary beneficiaries of this program. Here we will explain how Illinois school districts can take advantage of the SFA program to save on energy costs and be a leader in their communities by expanding science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) into their curriculum while providing technical, high wage jobs to the surrounding community.


Essential Program Information

Below is a list of essential information and links on how Illinois public schools can take advantage of the SFA incentives, rebates, and other tax breaks that will result in immediate savings and long-term energy stability.

  • Solar For All: The 2019 SFA Program will be the primary driver for the installation of new solar energy systems at public schools across the state. Visit the program site to learn more.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): The system owner sells the SRECs generated from the solar system to the utility over a 15-year period. The price for SRECs is already prescribed, so there is no risk for SREC price fluctuation once a project is accepted into the program.
  • Smart Inverter Rebate: Once a solar project reaches operation, the system owner is eligible for a one-time $250 per kilowatt lump-sum rebate from the utility for using a smart inverter. To get an overview of these rebates, read ISEA’s What to Know About the Smart Inverter Rebate blog. You can find more specific information in the following links for both Ameren and ComEd’s programs details.
  • Federal Tax Credit: Third Party owned systems are also eligible for a federal tax credit worth 30% of the system cost for systems constructed through 2019. The credit, called the Investment Tax Credit(ITC), can be used for all expenses except interconnection costs and can be carried back one year and forward 20 years on eligible federal tax liability.
  • Depreciation: Solar systems are now eligible for a 100% bonus depreciation. Asset owners are now allowed to deduct the entire cost of the system in the first year of operation, increasing the return on investment in the project.

The above programs allow Pivot to complete all necessary upfront cost and capital investment for the solar energy system at no cost to the public school.  Once completed, the school would receive energy at rates that are at least 50% of current supply contracted rates.  In addition, Pivot would transfer this green energy investment to the public school (at no cost) after 6 years of operations.  From Year 6 to Year 25, the school will have free, clean, renewable energy, with a significant reduction in operational cost.

For public schools to qualify for the 2019 SFA program, they will have to obtain an interconnection agreement with the utility and any discretionary local permits. Both the interconnection agreement and the local permit can take several months to obtain, so schools should begin the process as soon as they are able to ensure they can enroll in this program.

Pivot Energy has been helping educational facilities in Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri, and is looking forward to furthering our mission of accelerating the shift to clean energy through the Solar For All program. School districts that take advantage of SFA, along with federal tax credits and other incentives, is a smart, sustainable way to support clean energy generation and local jobs in Illinois.

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