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The team at Pivot Energy has helped dozens of Illinois businesses access the benefits of onsite solar energy.

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Solar is Good For Business

Solar energy brings long-lasting benefits to your business, environment, and the local community. Some of the proven benefits include:

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Save on Bills

Solar cuts your electric bill and saves you money immediately by lowering or eliminating your operating costs. Solar provides a strong return on investment and stabilizes electricity costs over time for predictable forecasting.

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Corporate Image

Solar provides a visible, tangible symbol of commitment to a cleaner environment. Whether your stated goal is environmental responsibility, or just smart energy decisions, solar is seen as a positive and progressive improvement, by employees, shareholders, and the public.

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Facility Investment

Solar is a property improvement that adds value to your facility. Facilities with solar experience many unique benefits including a higher sale price, an increased Net Operating Income, and the ability to charge a higher rent. Additionally, solar utilizes otherwise unused roof space to generate cash.

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Indirect ROI

Many of our clients cite additional financial benefits as a result of free press coverage and consumer loyalty. When your business chooses solar, you can appeal to a broader, more environmentally conscious customer base.


Sample Solar Array

Pivot is your trusted turnkey solar service provider at every stage of the project development cycle. Our in-house legal, finance, and engineering teams will be with you every step of the way before and after the installation of your system. You can expect 20 years of reliable savings when you choose solar.

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Sample Project Timeline

solar project timeline
solar project timeline

Solar Financing Options

This chart outlines two common financing options versus grid power. The estimated savings and cost are based on estimates of system performance, utility rates, and site-specific electrical considerations. The savings illustrated below are an example estimate of how much you can save with solar energy.

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Savings Summary

With federal and state rebates at their peak, you can achieve the most savings with your solar array by acting quickly. With a standard 1,000 kW ballasted rooftop array, you can save an estimated:

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1 Year Savings

Cash Purchase
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25 Year Savings

Cash Purchase

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