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Pivot Energy leases land for solar projects in New York. Hosting a solar project on your land is an easy, low-impact way to generate additional income from your property. Pivot Energy can quickly review your site to determine if it is a good match for solar. If you have land that you think might be a good fit for a solar project, please fill out the form below for a no-obligation evaluation.


Characteristics of Successful Solar Sites

Flat or limited slopes

Clear of major obstructions

Outside of wetlands and floodways

Close to existing power lines

Access to public roads

Community Solar

Site Design

Hosting a solar project is easy. Solar projects are quiet, do not generate any traffic once construction is complete, have no permanent on-site staff, and require no external lighting. We take care of everything inside the lease boundary, and you receive a rent check each year for allowing us to operate the project on your land!

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Our Process

Sample Project Timeline

Pivot is your trusted solar service provider at every stage of the project development cycle. Fill out the form below, and we will quickly assess your land using our GIS tools. If your land is a good fit for a solar project, we will send you a sample proposal to review and schedule a site visit to come out and talk about the next steps.

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As the number of solar energy farms installed around the country has increased year over year, more and more landowners are considering whether or not their property would be a good fit for a solar project.

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Over the last ten years, electric utility providers around the country have taken active steps to increase the amount of renewable energy resources deployed through solar power within their service territory.

What is a Solar Garden?

We all know that flowers grow in gardens, vegetables grow in gardens, but does electricity grow in gardens? In an increasing number of states and utilities across the country, electrons are the new croup sprouting up.