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Schools & Universities

Pivot has an extensive history of working with K-12 schools, universities, and colleges. Community solar is a great way to reduce costs and an excellent educational opportunity for students, teachers, and the community. Subscribing to community solar illustrates the school's commitment to a sustainable future in their communities.

How It Works

Instead of putting panels on your roof, community solar is a subscription service for clean energy. You subscribe to a local solar project and receive credit on your monthly utility bill. To learn more about how community solar subscriptions work and the differences from onsite solar, click the button.

SUBSCRIBER spotlight

Weld County RE-5J

Pivot Energy, Colorado’s leading community solar developer, has announced a partnership with Weld County RE-5J to supply the school district with a 1.4 MW community solar subscription and $30,000 to offer post-secondary educational scholarships for Weld and Larimer county students.

The scholarships will be available to students interested in pursuing advanced education within select STEM fields, including new energy technology and renewable energy. The funds were given to the Weld RE-5J Foundation and students will be able to apply for assistance in March 2021.

“Our partnership with Pivot Energy is a game-changer for our school district and our students. Our students will be able to learn about renewable energy by receiving tours of the solar fields, learning about the installation process as well as furthering their education with scholarship help from the generous donation Pivot Energy provided our district’s Foundation. These opportunities will provide terrific job opportunities for our students in the future.”

-Leslie Arnold, Weld RE-5J Superintendent.

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