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Community solar

Municipalities & Governments

Municipalities and government organizations are ideal candidates for community solar. With no upfront investment, municipalities can support local clean energy development, reducing their carbon footprint and monthly electric costs.

How It Works

Instead of putting panels on your roof, community solar is a subscription service for clean energy. You subscribe to a local solar project and receive credit on your monthly utility bill. To learn more about how community solar subscriptions work and the differences from onsite solar, click the button.


Town of Breckenridge

The Town of Breckenridge achieves its 100% renewable electricity for municipal facilities goal with a 3.6 MW community solar subscription with Pivot Energy. This partnership allows the town to achieve its municipal renewable electricity goal five years ahead of schedule, raising the expectation and urgency for climate action for other cities and towns across Colorado.

"The Town of Breckenridge is thrilled to be ahead of schedule for our 100% renewable energy municipal goal. Three years ago, we weren't sure how we would get there or if we could even do it. Now, we're showing other communities the way forward. We hope to be a leader in this space as we continue to reduce our energy needs across the community, such as moving towards all new construction being net zero. Pivot has been a critical partner in this process, and we are grateful to have alignment in our vision and goals, which has made this process infinitely easier."

-Mayor of Breckenridge, Eric Mamula.

Town of Breckenridge

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