Low-Income Housing Authorities

community solar

Low-Income Housing Authorities

Community solar is an easy option for Low-Income Housing Authorities who are looking to benefit from solar energy. Reduce your electricity bill while supporting a cleaner environment.

How It Works

Instead of putting panels on your roof, community solar is a subscription service for clean energy. You subscribe to a local solar project and receive credit on your monthly utility bill. To learn more about how community solar subscriptions work and the differences from onsite solar, click the button.

SUBSCRIBER spotlight

Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America’s subscription helps the organization save money on their electrical costs. The money saved can be used to further their effort to provide resources to vulnerable people in the community.

“Volunteers of America Colorado is a human services organization with a strategic plan in place for the next two years that includes reducing our carbon footprint by at least 5%. During the initial strategy on how to accomplish this undertaking, we were contacted by Pivot Energy which was the gateway for Volunteers of America to not only save money to use toward our programs, but also a way to reduce our energy footprint. While we are sure there are many different companies offering similar programs, the experience we have had working with Pivot Energy has been impressive from our first interaction.”

- Bret Bridgewater, VOA VP of Building Services and Safety

VOA Community Solar Garden

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