Support Renewable Energy and Save Money!

Organizations can now access community solar


Community solar is the easiest way to support locally produced, renewable energy. Pivot allows any business, nonprofit, municipality, or other type of organization in Colorado's Xcel Energy territory to offset their electricity with solar and save money on their electric bills. The process is simple. Our business development team creates a proposal specific to your electricity usage, so you can see how much you will save! Also, Pivot's community solar for organizations offers:

  • No installation or maintenace required 
  • Never pay a premium 

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What is Community Solar

Community solar, or shared solar, provides the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy to anyone who wants to participate in a renewable energy program without having to install solar on your roof. This means anyone who wants to participate in a solar program can, without having to worry about upfront costs, homeownership, or roof quality.

Other Community Solar Options

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