Support renewable energy and save money!

Residents can now access community solar savings with our partner, Arcadia!


Community solar is the easiest way to support locally produced, renewable energy. Our partnership with Arcadia allows any resident in Colorado's Xcel Energy territory to choose solar and save money on their electric bills. The process is simple
  1. Easy digital enrollment
  2. Single streamlined statement
  3. No credit check required
  4. No cancellation fees
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No Upfront Cost or Roof Required

Community solar is an easy, accessible way for residents to choose solar.

What is Community Solar

Community solar, or shared solar, provides the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy to anyone who wants to participate in a renewable energy program without having to install solar on your roof. This means anyone who wants to participate in a solar program can, without having to worry about upfront costs, homeownership, or roof quality.


How Community Solar Works

A community solar garden generates energy and is connected directly to Xcel Energy's power grid. Residents subscribe to the solar array offsetting their home's electricity with clean, renewable energy. The subscribers receive a credit on their utility bill for solar power produced in the garden, reducing their overall costs. With community solar, residents can save money by simply subscribing to a solar garden.

Pivot Energy and Arcadia

Our partnership with Arcadia allows Arcadia's existing and new member base to subscribe to a local community solar project with Pivot. Arcadia will manage customer enrollment and ongoing account maintenance. We will build and maintain the solar garden, and Arcadia will apply your monthly savings!